The Northeast People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference (NEPOC) and the Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF) Proudly Present Race Hate: The New Normal?

Date(s) - May 31 - June 1
12:00 am

Albany Law School

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For a time it was fashionable to describe racism as a thing of the past. Racism was a relic, a specter, a mystic chord of memory. Racism was bad form, anachronistic, irrelevant, a cake that someone left out in the rain. Once upon a time, racism existed, but the election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States was” goodbye to all that.” ”We’re all post-racialist now.” But we have never been post-racial and with the election of Donald Trump racism is again ascendant.

It began with a strange question: ”Why doesn’t [President Obama] show his birth certificate?” Encouraged by success of the Birther Movement, Trump and Trumpism continued to sing the same song: ”Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!” ”Lock her up!” ”Ban Muslims!” ”Grab ’em by the p—-!” ”Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?” ”You could see there was blood… blood coming out of her wherever.”

What is to be done?

We hope to address the present crisis at the NEPOC/CAPALF conference in Albany, New York. Toward that end, we are calling for panels and paper presentations from interested scholars on the subject of race hatred in the age of Trump. We are especially interested in subjects falling within or related to the following areas and themes:

Race Hate: Paradigm Shifts & Neo-Ethno-Nationalism
Speech in a Post-Truth Era
Women & Legal Activism: Feminism, Social Movements & Resistance
Colonialism as Catastrophe: Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico
Challenges Facing Administrators of Color: Diversity & Inclusion In Higher Education & Legal Education
National Security Policy: Extreme Vetting and the Muslim Ban
Immigration, Federalism, Sanctuary Cities/States