Trina Grillo Retreat, 2018

Date(s) - March 16 - March 18
4:15 pm

University of San Francisco Law School

20th Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat 2018

Advocating for Change: The Different Roles We Each Play to Improve Our Communities

  • The Retreat provides a unique opportunity for public interest and social justice-oriented law students, faculty, staff and practitioners to exchange viewpoints, explore career opportunities, and formulate strategies for social justice.
  • The Retreat offers public-interest minded law school students an opportunity to break the isolation by meeting and networking with other students from around the country.
  • The Retreat not only provides students with a network while in school, but also provides the foundation for a professional network to support their public interest ambitions as their careers develop.
  • The Retreat can spawn creative ways to approach social change using the law as an instrument.