Can You See Me? Inclusive Practices for Entry into the Legal Profession

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SALT Social Justice in Action Webinar Series

Friday, March 26, 2021 from 3:00 to 4:00 PM ET

From law school classes to artificial intelligence proctoring, students of color are asking, “Can You See Me?” Myriad stressors contribute to disparate bar pass outcomes that deprive the legal profession of much needed diversity. Some stressors are the costs, content, and cut scores of the bar exam; others manifest in the law school classroom.

Can we challenge and mitigate these stressors without exacerbating stereotype threat? Recent law grads, professors, and an identity researcher will address the problematic invisibility of students of color and present law faculty with interventions to promote inclusion.

Panel discussion including Octavia Carson, Areeb Been Khan, Victor Quintanilla, Heidi Williams, Pernell Jackson, and Tahir Duckett

Moderators: Marsha Griggs and Joan Howarth

Panelists will be available until 4:15 PM for Q&A.

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