Just Sayin: CAT Calling the Torture Apologists

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Benjamin G. Davis, University of Toledo College of Law, AdvCoates for US Torture Prosecutions

Where is Dick Cheney filling my television with his defene of the enhanced interrogation program that we all know is torture. This week of the UN Committee Against Torture review – first since 2006 – can not seem to find him on my television. Where are all those people I use to see apologizing for torture at conferences or on television THIS week of the CAT periodic review? Where is Mark Thiessen, former Bush aide who wrote a book defending the torture program, of the Washington Post.

Where are John Rizzo, David Addington, John Bellinger, Alberto Gonzales, Stephen Bradbury, Matthew Waxman, Colin Powell, George Tenet, Porter Goss,  Michael Hayden, John Brennan, Jose Rodriguez, Michael Chertoff, – is that enough names for you? – this week of the CAT doing their full throated defense of the torture program that involved 55 countries.

I can name hundreds of names. Where are they all this week after 13 years of crime, coverup, and shielding. The whole world is watching.