Nominate a Deserving Candidate, Awarded at SALT Annual Dinner

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Call for Nominations: SALT Great Teacher Award and M. Shanara Gilbert Human Rights Award

SALT holds an annual dinner each year during the January AALS meeting. Mark your calendars: This year the
dinner will be on January 4, 2015 at a location TBA in Washington D.C.

A highlight of the dinner is the presentation of SALT’ʹs Great Teacher Award and the M. Shanara Gilbert
Human Rights Award. SALT invites you to submit a nomination for one or both of these awards.
If you would like to make a nomination, please submit the name of the person or organization and a 1-­‐‑2 page
statement supporting the nomination, along with the name of the award. The statement should explain why
the person or organization deserves the award, including how they contribute to the values of SALT. You must
be a current member of SALT to make a nomination. You can check the status of your membership with Blake
Johnson in the SALT Office (702) 895-­‐‑2476.

Please submit all nominations by June 15, 2014, to Margaret Kwoka at and Blake
Johnson at

We strongly encourage you to re-­‐‑nominate candidates who have been nominated in past years, as we always have many more worthy nominees than we can honor each year.

The SALT Great Teacher Award:

The Great Teacher Award recognizes individuals or institutions that have made especially important contributions to teaching, legal education, and mentoring.

The following is a list of previous recipients of the Great Teacher award, starting with the most recent:

Holly Maguigan, Margaret Montoya, Keith Aoki, Phoebe Haddon, Francisco Valdés, Steve Wizner, Fran Ansley,
Stephanie Wildman, Eric Yamamoto, Howard Glickstein, Bill Quigley, Charles Lawrence & Mari
Matsuda, SALT Founders, Sylvia Law, Marjorie M. Schultz, Anthony Amsterdam, Jim Jones, W. Hayward
Burns, Barbara Aldave, Trina Grillo, Norman Dorsen, Cruz Reynoso, Mary Jo Frug, Marilyn Yarborough,
Rhonda Rivera, University of Wisconsin Law School, Howard Lesnick, Barbara Babcock, Clinton Bamberger,
CUNY Law School, Derrick Bell, Herma Hill Kay, Charles Black, Arthur Leff, Harry Edwards, Ruth Bader
Ginsburg, Rennard Strickland, Thomas Emerson, Charles Miller, David Cavers.

M. Shanara Gilbert Human Rights Award:

SALT recognizes the contributions of activists
whose passion for social justice has driven their lives. The M. Shanara Gilbert Human Rights Award is named
after a CUNY Law School professor who dedicated her life to equality, equity, and justice. She was killed at the
age of 45, along with Haywood Burns, in a car accident while visiting South Africa. In her
memory, SALT honors those who believe in fighting for a better world. The Award is not bestowed annually,
but when there is an exceptional person or institution whose struggle for human rights requires recognition
from our community.

Past M. Shanara Gilbert Honorees, starting with the most recent:

Florence Roisman (2014); Norris Henderson(2013); Prison Law Office (2011); Rhonda Copelon (2009); Jennifer Harbury and Sister Dianna Ortiz (2008); Joshua Rosenkranz (2007); David Cole and Center for Constitutional Rights (2006); Eva Patterson (2005); Congressman John Lewis (2004); Steven Bright and Bryan Stevenson (2003); Honorable Barney Frank (2000); Dr. Jesse N. Stone, Jr. (1999); and M. Shanara Gilbert (1997).