Raising the Bar 2021 – Call for Content  

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SALT extraordinary sponsor AccessLex is calling for content for their 2021 issue of Raising the Bar:

2020’s myriad health, political, racial, and economic crises —along with recently published results from several key studies underway before the pandemic— brought to the forefront the question of how best to license future lawyers.  In January 2021, the NCBE announced important plans for a “next generation” bar exam, and just before that in 2020, results were published from two additional important studies: the IAALS Build a Better Bar study and the California Cut Score Study; change proposals were also voiced in 2020 by law students, the academy, judges, and other thought leaders —all suggesting that change to the lawyer licensing process is necessary and timely.

We thus dedicate this issue of Raising the Bar (RTB) to continuing robust and respectful community discussion of how best to license tomorrow’s lawyers.  As in previous RTB issues, we have solicited input from a breadth of stakeholders —all with close connections to lawyer licensing. We welcome your input. Please share: a) your vision of future lawyer licensing, noting the evidence upon which you base your reflection, and/or b) additional research that would be helpful to assist in making positive future changes. We ask that contributions of no more than 250 words in length be emailed to Raising the Bar Founder and Senior Editor, Sara Berman at sberman@accesslex.org by no later than January 31, 2021. Thank you for your continued readership and participation in this community forum.