SALT Opposes Revised Bar Passage Standard

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SALT has submitted a letter to the House of Delegates in opposition to the ABA Council’s proposal to change Standard 316, the bar passage standard.  The proposed change would ratchet up the 75% bar passage requirement in many ways, including by shortening the time given to achieve 75% passage and eliminating the flexibility in the current standard to account for state-by-state differences in pass rates and transfer issues, for example. We believe this will hurt HBCU law schools, law schools in Puerto Rico, and other law schools with a mission of access to the profession. The issues are central to SALT’s mission. For your background, we’ve also linked to a letter from ABA Diversity Entities that gives detail about their opposition to the proposal. Please read the letters and use the link below to check for delegates you know. The most important impact from SALT’s letter will come from individual law teachers reaching out to share it with delegates you know. Thanks very much for this important work.

The ABA RedBook has a state by state listing of delegates to the House beginning on page 13.