Video Now Available! Three Views of Feminism and Mass Incarceration

three views of feminism and mass incarceration

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SALT is proud to continue our webinar series, Social Justice in Action, featuring law school teachers sharing their expertise on how to educate the next generation of lawyers, support students of color, and dismantle structural inequality and racism in the United States.

The April 16 webinar explored three views of feminism and mass incarceration.  SALT board member Anthony Farley moderated a discussion between Adrienne DavisJosephine Ross, whose new book is A Feminist Critique of Police Stops, and Aya Gruber, whose new book is The Feminist War on Crime.

  • How does a feminist lens enrich the critique of racial profiling and the criminalization of black and brown people?
  • How do we make sense of the divide between carceral and anti-carceral feminists both historically and today?

Three feminists; three analyses of the relationship between feminist movements and an American policing and prison state that aggravates the vulnerability of marginalized individuals and communities and swallows state and federal budgets.

This panel examined the impact of feminism on mass incarceration and the potential for feminist methods to counter a carceral system resistant to change.

The video is available here.