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We are looking forward to our Annual Celebration later today.  We will begin at 7:15 pm Eastern.  We will mingle from 7:15 until 7:30 pm Eastern, when the program will begin.  An open reception will follow the program for more mingling.

Download the celebration’s program here.  It has bios of the awardees, info on SALT, and lots of fun ads.  You can also find it on the event page on our website (

We are meeting on Remo instead of Zoom.  It is easy and fun, and runs in your web browser without any app to install.  Remo makes socializing much easier.  You can sit with friends at small, medium, or large tables.  You can move from table to table.

Join using this link:

You can register at the time of the event.  It will take only a few minutes.  This link is also on our website (

Here are a few small pointers:

  • Join a table by double clicking on the table.  Tables seat a set number of participants.  You can hover over a table to check for room or to look for friends.
  • Send a Chat.  It works similarly to Zoom.  You can search for attendees by name.  You can send a chat to the whole group, a group of people at a table, or to one person.
  • Watch our Video.  Double click on the video playing on the billboard at the front of the virtual room to enlarge it.


Need help?   If you have trouble joining the event, please email or hop on Zoom (click the word) to connect to the support staff at California Western Law School.