Critical Justice: Advocacy in Law and Society

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Friday, February 18
Francisco Valdes, Steven Bender, and Jennifer Hill 

Friday, February 18, 2022, 3pm ET – 4pm ET


On February 18, 2022, Francisco Valdes (University of Miami), Steven Bender (Seattle University), and Jennifer Hill (director, Advocacy Partners Team and adjunct faculty, Florida International University), will discuss law schools’ complicity in maintaining injustice and highlight tools to advance equal justice through their new textbook: Critical Justice: Systemic Advocacy in Law & Society (West Academic). This textbook is designed for use in a variety of law school (and undergraduate) classes and addresses how to design a critical justice course. Whether you are already teaching a course that might benefit from the book, or need help in designing and gaining approval of a new course, please join this discussion.

The authors will follow-up individually as needed with anyone who wants more assistance in course and syllabus design.

SALT’s Social Justice in Action webinar series explores ways in which the legal academy can educate the next generation of lawyers, support marginalized law students, and dismantle structural inequality and racism in the United States.